Portable Air Compressor: 150psi Cordless Car Tire Inflator Pump With Pressure Gauge & Light - Perfect For Cars, Motorcycles & Bicycles! - Temu


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  • Convenient and Portable: Cordless design allows you to inflate your tires anywhere, anytime.
  • High Pressure: With a maximum pressure of 150PSI, this air pump can quickly inflate car, motorcycle, and bicycle tires.
  • Accurate Pressure Gauge: The built-in pressure gauge ensures you inflate your tires to the correct pressure, preventing over or under inflation.
  • Multi-Purpose: Not just for tires, this air compressor can also be used for sports equipment, inflatable toys, and more.
  • Easy to Use: Simply attach the hose to your tire valve and press the power button. The pump will automatically stop when the desired pressure is reached.
  • Power Mode: USB Charging
  • Operating Voltage: ≤36V
  • Material: Other Materials
  • Item ID: EC04554
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